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welcome to my

Task Based Personal Assisting Project:

I live in a small bus, on my own and I love the independent life but I know sometimes you just need another person. Whether it is for company, an extra pair of hands on a task, doing something you can't or don't like to do, taking care of things you don't have time for or even someone to just accompany you when you don't want to go somewhere alone, an extra person can make all the difference. 

I am that extra person. I have a ridiculously varied and unusual resume, which should help give you an idea of what skills and experience I have and what tasks and roles I could partake in. I have also have started a list of ideas for the different kinds of personal assistance I would like to offer that you didn't even know you needed or could get!

You wont find any prices or rates for tasks or roles. I am pursuing a life of adventure, good people, new experiences and abundance exchange. I want to create a happy and sustainable live/work situation that enables me to continue my journey. Each service, situation and individual will all be a unique and mutually beneficial arrangement. Check out the Abundance Exchange page to see up to date lists of things I need, experiences I'm pursuing and the journey I am on. 

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